Fluendo: A big welcome to the newest memember of the Fluendo team, Jan ‘thaytan’ Schmidt! In addition to being the CEO of our Australian office he will be tackling various issues in regards to DVD support and various customer contracts. Jan will not remain our newest employee for long however as Andy Wingo will arrive on Saturday :)

Today I really need to get my appartment cleaned up as I got a rather tight visitation schedule coming up with Ronald, Andy, my mother and sister in the next couple of weeks. Things will not let up either with various events planned after that.

Happy to see Imendio hire Mitch. Congrats to both parties involved. I guess I feel a certain kindred spirits thing with Imendio, OpenendHand and ourselves, being all started around the same time with people coming from the same circles of the community. Hopefully we do better in working together than say Ximian and Eazel where able to get along :)