GNOME: Glad to see the GNOME Bonsai interface back, never knew how much I missed being able to view a summary of recent commits.

GStreamer/Totem: In regards to continued Totem bugfixing it was really nice to get Ronald a laptop identical to mine as he now have available a range of new reproducible issues to fix, like seeking/sync issues. He already solved the problem of the screen being black on second iteration when playing a quicktime. Also started talking with the annodex guys about getting annodex support into Flumotion, Ozone seems keen on working on the code to do so. We probably also look at getting such support into Totem.

We basically decided to pull the plug on gst-player at a meeting yesterday. So unless someone reads this blog and steps up to maintain it we will pull it from bugzilla and any mention on the GStreamer homepage. Julien has theoretically been its maintainer recently, but he hasn’t worked on it for quite some time as first he, then Ronald has instead been focusing on helping out with Totem.
Of course this being free software it might get restartet at some point, but for now its dead.

CRM: Still trying to get somewhere with the CRM system. Basically I am now looking at a vTiger which is supposed to be a better SugarCRM than SugarCRM. Secondly I am trying to get going as the web interface to that might contain enough functionality for us to solve our still relativly limited needs while providing other types of nice functionality. Unfortunatly I am having some problems getting postgres set up correctly. I guess only having been exposed to Oracle RDBMS before makes me somewhat unable to grasp a system working a little differently :) One thing we did at Oracle though which was a nice idea IMHO was provide a pre-loaded database with our system. It simplified the install a lot.