So I joined the masses who own an iAudio M3 portable music player. Like other people have comented on before it is a nice piece of hardware. One thing I had hoped for when buying it though was that since so many people in the community had bought it someone would hack on some nice integration tools and fix the last small issues (like the non-critical Do not disconnect message not disapearing when you unmount the device. I guess it works well enough with HAL already for people to not bother or something :) But some nice automated syncing of songs and playlists with Muine, AmaroK and Rhythmbox would be nice.

Also went with Kristien to Ikea yesterday to purchase some new furniture and utilities for my appartment. Very happy with how the living room table ended up as it really completes the room. Had a small ‘dinner party’ with Wingo and Wim, eating a self composed dish and drinking one bottle of relativly expensive red wine and one both of extremely cheap red wine. The expensive one did taste much better in this case.

Hopefully I manage to put together the rest of the furniture today.

Doing some testing on Flumotion today in prepartion for a new release. The error handling works well now with dialogs telling me if my device permissions are wrong or telling me I am missing a needed GStreamer plugin. Thomas has done some outstanding work on it.