Ok, so we have a deinterlacer plugin for GStreamer, which is a good thing. Problem is that the code is taken from tvtime. Billy Biggs when making tvtime took a lot of code from a lot of different places, mostly GPL sources, but also some LGPL ones, and merged them into his deinterlace support under the GPL. Now this is an example of the strenght and power of free software, that you can legally take all this code from a lot of different sources and reuse it. The problematic part is now that we want to relicense that code to LGPL for GStreamer it is quite a job to trace all authors and ask their permission and then rewrite those parts where the author says no or author is unreachable. Luckily all asked have so far said yes, but it will probably be still some time before this plugin can be declared LGPL clean and merged.

Similar problem with our DVB plugin which is also blocking on a relicensing problem. Luckily Mitch, known for his work at Convergence and now Imendio is helping me with getting those small pieces of code relicensed.

I also put the licensing advisory online on the GStreamer webpage. Hopefully all this licensing work will pay of in the end in the sense that they will spur GStreamer onwards towards even greater acceptance and use.