Thanks to Hugh Skottowe I was able to resolve my OpenOffice document pain in a acceptable manner. Seems there a OpenOffice release note page describing how to manually migrate your docs from the old format to the new one. Have to say that the latest snapshots of OpenOffice looks much nicer than they used to, although I think the new OpenOffice stock icons are less nice than the one’s Tigert and Jimmac made. But I guess they want icons that fits better in on Windows in additon to GNU/Linux systems.

Only thing I really miss in these new OpenOffice versions is SVG import support. As a stopgap solution I guess they even make a import filter on top of librsvg, although the result would of course be a pixmap in OO, but still better than nothing.

Got the Robin Hood game recently so I played it a bit. It is a graphically nice game although there are a few ugly things popping up. One purely visual item is that the site names in the minimap is in Chinese. The second item is that I am suddenly getting segfaults while playing one of the modules. Not sure if it is something in that module causing it, or if something changed on my distro underneath it to break something. The segfault message is not very usefull, just saying something about SDL parachute being activated. Mailed Epic-Interactive today and got a quick response that a bugfix was coming this week. Nice :)

Wingo found himself a place yesterday so he will be moving out on Saturday, while its fun to have Wingo around, I guess the freed up bed space will be sorely needed soon anyway for the GStreamer summit. On the topic of Wingo, he is now hacking on a Jack plugin allowing you to use Jack as a drop in replacement for esound or artsd etc. While doing this is a bit of crack, it seems some people really want it, and it is according to Wingo a really simple plugin to make…and we are all about pleasing our users in the GStreamer community.

Bluetooth mousing. Got my bluetooth mouse working smoothly thanks to an online howto, some input from Edd Dumbill and finally with a little Red Hat help through their bugzilla. Still not sure why the mouse locks up with the –search parameter turned on for hidd though.

In regards to Fluendo I had a productive day today, sending of two initial proposals. Thomas pretends not to like it when I ask for help writing sales propositions, but I know that deep down he wants to gets transfered to Fluendo’s sales department.