Wim is hacking away today fixing glib, or rather making its refcounting threadsafe. Which is complicated by needing to keep ABI stabilitity. Patch is almost ready and hopefully it will get accepted upstream, at least after some more testing. Currently have atomic1.patch on my machine, waiting for what I guess will be called atomic2.patch :)

Signed a contract today which means my soul is now in foreign custody until 2012. But someone had to do it, and since I am our sales and marketing department I don’t really have a soul anyway.

Also wrote an NDA today, kinda nice to write a NDA for someone else to sign instead of always having to sign other people’s NDA’s. Guess it means we have arrived :)

Had a goodbye party for Lotte yesterday organized by Kristien. Most scary part was seeing how much high alcoholic beer Wingo drank, I would never even consider drinking that much. And I ever would drink so much I would at least keep much more steady and balanced.