So I installed 3ddesktop after seeing it in James Cape’s blog entry. Very cool and it was just installing 2 rpms and it was working. Almost something I would consider suggesting be used as our default way of doing it if I felt sure the hardware out there could handle it. The obligatory screenshot.

Tried MacOSX yesterday for a little while. Loved it how you got a little screenshot of your window in the mac bar when you minimized them, even a nifty animation following it. Guess the lesson is that high usability doesn’t have to be about being boring.

Also ran through the GStreamer testsuite today. We are making progress there as even the hard cases are now starting to play. Of course fixing some types of bugs help reveal other bugs, so I guess I opened quite a lot of bugs today, with issues such as audio and video sync for certain formats. Scaling when playing fli animations with repeat mode in Totem and so on. But almost all files now basically plays.

I also made some RPMS of Wim’s threadsafety patch to glib. Mattias is testing it for us now to see if it solves a Flumotion crasher bug we had. I guess if we discover no problems today or over the weekend the patch will get submitted upstream next week, than the flamewar can proceed, or hopefully not :)