Testing out wine again after a long time away. Project has come a long way since I last had encounters with it. Current setup was getting a RPM from the winehq homepage then downloading a winetool which did all the needed wine setup for me.

Tried installing some random pieces of software. Winzip and Opera installed like a charm. Winamp installed with some stuff disabled, but Wine seems having problem handling its GUI, but it basically works. Curently I am downloading the World of Warcraft demo using the Blizzard installer. Which works suprisingly well too. Still there where other pieces of software I tried, like the print server admin tool I need which did not install at all. Maybe 2005 will be the year of wine. Will be interesting to see if World of Warcraft runes under Wine, if it does it do not bode well for Transgaming and Cedega, as I would then donate some cash to Codeweavers instead of buying Cedega.

On the topic of non-free stuff, got a story submission to gnomedesktop about a UML tool for GNOME. Well it turned out to be a proprietary Java tool with Eclipse integration. screenshots here. The shots are of GNOME and Red Hat running the tool, but they are not using the GTK+ look and feel support in Java for instance. Anyway it started me wondering what a Java application would have to do before I would consider it a ‘GNOME’ application. Using java-gnome would be one answer, but even a Swing based application using the GTK+ look and feel could be considered a real GNOME application I guess if they have done some groundwork on getting it nicely integrated. Anyway I did not approve the post, left it for stro to probably delete.

Got a lot of requests for the background image used in the 3ddesktop shot in my last blog entry, to those who mailed me, I will send the image to you on Monday as I don’t have access to the SMTP server from home. (at least not without a lot of hassle).