So I went on a skiing trip with Thomas, Kristien and a very beautiful girl named Laura this weekend (who is a friend of Thomas and Kristien). First time I visited that tiny spot on the map called Andorra, felt almost like traveling in western Norway with its tall mountains and winding roads.

The first day started out with sun from a blue sky and nice slopes. Clouded over in the evening though, but it was still a great day of skiiing. Took me a little time to get into skiing again as it had been some time, but I avoided causing any accidents at least :)

Second day had even more Sun, but the air was much colder, which made the slopes very hard and icy. Not to much of a problem for me as I at this point felt more comfortable with the skiiing again, but it did lessen the degree of leisureness somewhat.

Continued my dutch learning throughout the trip, although it made me somewhat socially out-of-the-loop as the conversation had usually moved on before I was done computing a setence :)

Today my body just hurt all over the place. Either my physical condition is not as good as it should be or I got beaten up by someone during the weekend :)