Noticed today that Muine changed to GStreamer as its default backend. Big thanks to Jorn!

I know have Eina, Muine, AmaroK, Player and Rhythmbox installed on my machine. I must really like listening to Music.

Also made a new release of GNOME Themes Extras today. Mostly to have a release out there not conflicting with the gtk-engines package. Need to make a final decision on what to do with the package going forward.

Very happy to see the Inkscape team making waves. The fact that most icon artists today use Illustrator is a big problem. First of all it forces our artists to use other platforms parttime and it also creates problems with getting the icons in the free open SVG format. The biggest example of this is the horribly misnamed Crystal SVG theme which in the end couldn’t even be exported to SVG at all due to Everaldo having used some Illustrator extensions. Having similar issues with getting the SVG icons for Nuvola as it takes extra work for David to export them to SVG format and make sure they look ok after being exported. If we can reach a point when our artists can use Inkscape, which use SVG natively, then we will take a big step forward. Jimmac is already trying to work with Inkscape community to make Inkscape work for him as a tool, and David said he try it out again to see how it works for him now. But I do urge the artist community in general to test out Inkscape and try to give the developers feedback on what you might be needing before you are ready to take the leap from Illustrator.