So some of us are pitching in to pay for Zeeshan coming to GUADEC this year, which has its own little series of confusing bits to sort of. Called Turkish airlines today to order his ticket. Since my spanish is still at infant stages I called the London office of Turkish airlines. Don’t think they have many cases of a person in Barclona (a Norwegian even) calling the London office to order a flight for a person from Karachi to Stuttgart. The number of times she asked me to wait a bit (think she was running around the office asking for advice) was rather high. So in the end I think they figured out the steps needed for someone in Barcelona to pay the London office so that the Karachi office can hand out a ticket to another person. :)


Weird bugs. So we have a weird bug currently. I have been using the UK Virgin Radio Ogg streams as testbeds for Totem supporting chained oggs properly. Well currently I have the strange problem that if I click on the links they work, but if I drag and drop the URL onto Totem it doesn’t work. Ronald is unable to reproduce, on his system the streams play when drag and dropped. So anyone reading this I would be happy if you could try drag and dropping one of these URLS onto totem and see if it plays, then report your success or failure to this bugzilla entry.


We went to FOSDEM and both Wim and Thomas did talks. The talks went well, but the conference was a bit wasted on me. Being rather sick the whole time I had little energy for anything above moving myself from one place to another. Felt a bit better on Sunday afternoon and Julien, Wingo and myself first took some beers with Alex and Pippin, with also Charles partaking in this first part, then went on for a nice meal and some good beer at a resturant Julian knew.


With only me and Wingo in the office today we have finally been able to work uninterupted. On that note Wingo is really starting to kick ass and taking names in his Akido classes. Last week he beat up a nine year old girl at the akido club. He know feels ready to move on to beating up little boys.