Thomas mailed me today telling me the sysadmin running the server where we both hosts our sites said that my sites where already above the expected traffic for hosted sites. Checked the stats and noticed I had 50 000 hits on last month. Can’t understand why as there is nothing happening there, even my blog is just syndicated from other pages. Only guess I have is that maybe my pictures from Borneo, Australia and Africa are being linked to from some popular travel information site or something. Or maybe more people like looking at the GNOME screenshots I post from time to time than I thought. Or maybe my mom is getting psycho about me not living in Norway anymore :)

On the GStreamer side I am very happy to see the iTunes integration work being done. Noticed Ronald didn’t mention the name of the person who is doing it, so I guess that person don’t want to be named just yet, so I am not saying who it is either :) Thanks I guess is all I can say at this point.

JeffTV is quite cool, its very nice when you see other people take something you have been closely involved in the making of and doing fun stuff with it. Maybe Jeff will get a sponsorship for a show and can start going around to people with old computers, take them away, mod them, then return them to the original owners with a rad new look. Kinda like that car show on MTV :)

Have my youngest sister visiting this week, as she is taking a short break from student life in Rome. She will have to tend for herself the last two days however as I will be flying to Hamburg in the weekend to attend my stepgrandmothers 80th birthday.