So my money trouble are over for this time. Like all high-flyers I restructured my debt to sort things out. Also known as getting money from mom. Not very prestigious, but it works.

Also sorted out my flight tickets today, by rebooking my ticket back from London on Sunday to instead fly me to Grenoble, and bus from there to met up with the rest of the Fluendo crew for some skiing and snowboarding action.

Upgraded Cedega yesterday evening to try World of Warcraft in OpenGL mode. It made quite a difference with my fps increasing by about 20 on average.

Also thought about the Transgaming business model lately. Think the basic idea is sound, but it must be quite a pain to handle sometime. I mean having your customers pay to be able to vote on items they want fixed/changed is probably a quite hard balancing act between keeping customers happy, impossible vote winners/proposals and moving targets. To bad they didn’t manage to make it work within the context of the wine project.