Back from vacation in the sunny hills of France. Nice to get away from the stress of daily life for a while. We had great weather all week and apart from the skiing I really enjoyed just sitting in the Sun relaxing and reading.

Was driving the car home from France part of the way. Came to the conclusion that driving at about 100 km/h when the fog is so thick that you just see 2-3 meters in front of the car is rather exhausting.

Now I need to get ajour again with getting stuff ready for the multimedia track at GUADEC, getting Nuvola updated with all the icons David sent me.

Ralph Giles put up his design ideas for embeding MNG images in Ogg files. Hopefully we will get this working before GUADEC. Our goal is to be able to overlay the camera capture of the speaker onto a PNG image embeded in the video stream taken directly from the desktop or office application. This should give you readable slides when watching the stream online instead of seeing the speaker and a blurry and unreadable projected slide on the wall behind him.

Some Brazilien developers are looking into RTP support in GStreamer and Flumotion. They are looking at using a library called ccRTP for this which is licensed under a GPL & exception license. The exception is basically making the GPL into the LGPL, or at least what we all believe about the LGPL. The reason fro this setup is explained in this information from GNU, it seems that LGPL C++ libraries could be interpreted to have demands on them similar to what you would expect from a GPL licensed library. I have no idea wether this interpretation is valid, but it strikes of one more example of how easy it is for us common people to assume stuff about how licensing works, then have the rug pulled out from under us when the lawyers get involved.

Hopefully we be able to sort Zeenix’s visa troubles out the coming week. Since we already bought the ticket it would be a shame to see that money just go down the drain.