USB Sound Card step 1

Continued my fight against my USB Sound card and starting to make some positive progress. Turns out the crasher bug of GNOME Mixer was solved by Ronald before the 2.10 release. Problem is that it doesn’t really let me adjust whats needed out of the box. Turns out I can adjust this through the preferences menu, but I think it should display inteligent sliders right away. I guess this would need to be handled through HAL someway and with some soundcard profiles.

Also discovered that the way to make Creative Sound Blaster Audigy2 NX play sound without distortion is to have ALSA resample my sound to 48000 instead of the default 44100. Some .asoundrc plunking solved that. Once again something which I guess we need to get HAL to take care of.

Another bug I found is that if you unplug the soundcard, the plug it back in, it seems its adress changes. Which means your settings aimed at card number 2 doesn’t work anymore as your card is now number 3.

Multimedia track

So there will be a multimedia summit at GUADEC in Stuttgart this year. Managed to pull together a rather nice team of speakers for the Multimedia track with topics such as Theora/Xiph, Dirac, Annodex, Flumotion and GStreamer. Hopefully a lot of people outside the traditional GNOME camp will be interested in coming to parttake in this track.

I put together a small presentation of the talks. Anyone reading this and have a interest in Multimedia should check out the program and hopefully decide to come.

The call from bellow

Wim and Wingo have both been looking into trying to fix stuff in glib as our new extensive testsuite for GStreamer 0.9 is showing some bottlenecks and problems. The fixes are aimed at more threadsafety and higher performance mostly. Think they have some nice things cooked up and if they manage to get them all done and merged upstream it will mean a nice performance boost for not only GStreamer, but also for anything else using glib, including of course GNOME.

We need more people

We are looking to hire 1-2 more people at Fluendo. We are at this point mainly looking for Python hackers to work on our streaming server and the services around the streaming server. So if you are a python hacker and are willing to move to Barcelona (or are already living there) to join the coolest company in the Open Source world make sure to mail Thomas (at or mail me and I forward it to Thomas. Strong general python experience is of course the most important, but specific knowledge of twisted, gstreamer, streaming technologies and/or pygtk and so on doesnt harm your application of course :)