Looking for room to stay during June: I need a place to stay in Barcelona for the month of June. Posted a request on loquo.com, but if any Barcelonian gnomes knows of somewhere acceptable to rent for June please let me know. The reason for this need is that Ralph Giles of Xiph.org and Theora fame is coming to stay and I am giving up my place for him and his family. This also means that any Barcelona Linux users groups or similar should use this chance to get him to come and talk while he is here :)

USB soundcard continues

So I filed a bug report today against gnome media to try to see if we can figure out what needs doing. Since I managed to get the setup working nicely at home now the missing step is making it not only work, but work in a nice way for users.

Borked advogato

Seems some troubles at Advogato last week borked the XML output in my RSS feed again. This time I doubt its even fixable as there are no entry numbers even for me to access with xml-rpc to fix it. Will not even bother trying to mail Raph for help as my latest mails on such issues have all gone ignored. But for anyone wondering why I have 4 empty entries on Planet GStreamer this is the reason.