Due to some problems with our smtp server getting blocked I had to send out a mail with a webmail client. Since my old yahoo and msn accounts had expired I got Edward to give me an invitation to Gmail. Even thought I will still not be using Gmail or any other webmail as my primary mail client, I have to say that for a webmail system Gmail is very nice.

Mono based GStreamer stuff

Discovered there is another GStreamer based music player out there called Sonance written with Mono. Although the gst-sharp bindings are only available from CVS as far as I know there already seems to be 2-3 projects using them. Reminds me that we there needs to be a Mono software Fedora repository set up as we are missing out on to much nice stuff now with Red Hat refusing to ship mono.

Office suites

Alan Horkan and Nicu Buculei replied to my OpenOffice vs GNOME Office musings as can be seen on Planet OpenClipart. And Hubert chimmed in on Planet GNOME. Not sure we all disagree that much on the topic at hand, maybe more on where to put the emphasis. On that note I had an MS office document today which crashed OpenOffice when I tried saving it, so I ended up using Abiword to edit and save it. Worked although Abiword seemed to replace the checkboxes with dots for some reason. (while OO showed the checkboxes, but didn’t let me check them. So in both cases I just ended up deleting what was there and putting a X there instead.