I did some work today to make sure we had some nice screenshots of Flumotion in action. I think the resulting page turned out quite nice. Used the Clearlooks theme for the shots and it made things look really nice.

Hacking jobs at Fluendo

We still have an open position for a python hacker at Fluendo, as we think we have found a good candidate for one of the two open positions. So if you have any python hacking friends looking for a job and who are willing to move to Barcelona, make sure to put them in touch with us. People from Europe are prefered as it makes work permits so much easier, but we are willing to make the effort for good candidates from elsewhere too.

Software patents
Got an article I wrote on the topic of software patents published on osnews
today. It discusses the issue of patents from a viewpoint that I think differ a little form the standard way free software advocates tend to approach the issue.