Ubuntu keep on rocking

Even though I am still not a Ubuntu user myself I have to admit those people doing some cool stuff. The setup where Hewlett Packard will provide a special Ubuntu versions with many of their laptops, making sure everything works (ACPI, bluetooth, wireless etc.) is smashing good news. Check out the story in Heise Online.

Jeff and Pia Married

A big congratulations from me to the happy couple! Apart from being very cool people in general, they made me the best barbequed kangaroo I ever tasted.


I know some people in the community have been a bit sceptical to Musicbrainz. The software might be open and free but it was tied to a server service which was not. Well seems the MusicBrainz people are trying to remedy that. Lawrence Lessig mentioned in his blog that they now launched Metabrainz, a nonprofit foundation to run the service.


Seems there are some increased activity on getting the openclipart content management system going forward again. Really looking forward to that as it will allow me to make the SVG flag collection on there much nicer. Currently there are still some broken metadata on some of the flags which cause many of the flag pages to not display any metadata at all.


NetworkManager is one of those things which could be insanely cool, but currently is more insanely frustrating. Filed two bugs against it today, the first about DNS stopping to work after a while and the second about the fact that I never been able to connect to an encrypted network with it. Trusted old system-config-network works, but its a pain when you switch between networks like I do.

Old sayings

When you have a lot of things happening its a common expression to say that you have many balls in the air. Of course the same expression could mean you are on a nudist beach.