Old GNOME hackers

Discovered what must be the
the oldest gnome hackers in the world
, I mean they where around when black and white was the only thing around :)


Noticed Zeenix assigning me a rather bastardized version of a theory. First of all I did tell him about it, but I was refering to a danish professor who was the originator.
Secondly the represenation of the professor’s theory was oversimplified a bit by Zeenix presentation of it. What the professor said (and considering this was two years ago even my memory of it is vague) was that since most people survive today due to medicines, social support etc., there was little natural selection going on anymore. If you combine that with the assumption that people who are successful are smart in some way (not necesarilly IQ) also tend to have few children, compared to people who are not very successful tending to have more children (Poor people having more children than rich) then the conclusion would be that we the human race where now devolving as a whole.

Wether I personally subscribe to the idea or not; I don’t know. There are some plausability with the concept, but then again there are still a lot of stuff about the process of evolution we don’t know yet. The professor did get shouted at a lot for being very politically incorrect with his idea, but I think that was going to far considering it did not target any specific race or group of people; of course the concept of successful people being smarter than less successful is a very broad generalization and a bit touchy.