LUG Radio

So I guess its official that I will be attending/speaking at the Live LUG Radio event in Wolverhampton. I also will be participating in the Paintball event afterwards so if there are people in the community who feels I should be shot on sight, this is your opportunity.


We are working on some rather cool announcements which will come out during GUADEC. It is rather nice to see that all our hard work over the last year is coming together like this.

GStreamer 0.9

Work is 0.9 is continuing briskly, David Schleef, made his first major commit this weekend and the community as a whole is starting to get in on the game. Wim did a demo today with simultanious playback using aalib and cacalib next to eachother. Fun stuff. If you are checking out 0.9 CVS here is the pipeline to test:

gst-launch-0.9 -v gnomevfssrc location=~/data/JB_FF9_TheGravityOfLove.ogg ! oggdemux ! theoradec ! tee name=tee ! ffmpegcolorspace ! cacasink preroll-queue-len=1 tee. ! ffmpegcolorspace ! aasink preroll-queue-len=1


Getting really psyched up about GUADEC this year. Was a bit of a slow start, but now that I am getting lots of feedback from people doing Multimedia on Linux saying they are coming. Think this year GUADEC will be a major gathering of whose who in free software multimedia. Which is especially great as my main vision for GNOME 3 is to make it about Multimedia. I think we have now reached a point where we can make GNOME into a media handling desktop blowing even Apple out of the water. Technologies such as GStreamer, HAL, librsvg and Cairo tied together and integrated deeply into the desktop will enable us to offer a kick ass solution. Hopefully I will be able to sit down an evening soon and write down my ideas for what we can do. I want to make a list of all the things we can do which would make GNOME ‘the multimedia desktop’ and then see how we can pull in technologies to make these visions come through.


Talking about Multimedia I think people will be blown away by PiTiVi at GUADEC this year. Go and see Edward’s talk if you are interested in video editing and multimedia in general. Not only is PiTiVi an example of how you can make really great applications very quickly with the GStreamer Python bindings, but it also shows that with the library foundation provided by GStreamer and Gnonlin you can hack up your own video editor very quickly. This means that 2005 will be the year when everyone is writing their own video editor to suit the different needs and GUI tastes out there :)