Help needed!

We are streaming this years GUADEC as we have been streaming last years. That said we are asking for volunteers to help man the cameras this year. You don’t have to make a large commitment, but I would like to have a list of people (preferably which I have an idea who is) who are willing to man the cameras for the talks they attend. If we get like 15 people saying yes to this we should be able to find a division of talks where you man the cameras for talks you where planing on attending anyway. So I ask that those of you who would be willing to help out with this mail me, preferably with a short list of talks you plan on attending anyway, so that I can try to make a list of people who will be maning the cameras for the different talks. mail me at ‘uraeus-at-gnome-dot-org’

Maning the cameras is not hard work, its mostly about making sure the speaker is within the image at all times. Apart from Miguels talk this should mean moving the camera 2-3 times during the talk on average :)