glib love
Wim’s patch to get glib to use GAtomic for refcounting was added today by Zaheer to the Gentoo glib ebuild. Hopefully this means we get wider testing of it in order to push it forward in terms of getting it included upstream. This patch is really important for GStreamer to get included. Tim Janik had some objections to it, so hopefully he will be at GUADEC so he and Wim can discuss it and hopefully resolve his objections.

Flumotion 0.1.8 release
We did a new release of everyones favourite streaming server today. Most noticeable new feature is a little docklet which displays the current stream status. That means that if you have the admin tool running on your machine you don’t need to check the admin gui itself to verify that your stream are still behaving nicely. A quick peak down at the panel is enough. A big thanks to Zaheer for making this.

– Got an email from my boss at Oracle asking me what my plans where yesterday. My one year unpaid leave is up at the end of June so she needed to know if I where planing on coming back or not. I had almost forgotten about the whole thing, so I need to send her my official letter of resignation now. Can’t quit Fluendo now that we are standing on the brink of world domination :)

Saw a link on Lawrence Lessig’s blog today to some organisation calling itself ‘International Intellectual Property Institute’ (a fancy name for some bought lobbyists), who had published an article on why software patents in Europe would make the world a better place. The main argument seemed to be that the main reason some people and politicians might not want such patents is because the issues involved are to complex for these people to understand. Brilliant argumentation… I am sure they will get a lot of goodwill with the European members of parlament with the argument that said members of parliament are to stupid to decide on this issue.