GUADEC postponed by a week
Ok, since we are leaving for GUADEC on friday I am getting a bit stressed about getting everything ready for GUADEC that I want to. So is it ok for everyone if we postpone GUADEC for one week?

Wingo’s welcome home party

We had a big barbeque at Wim’s place yesterday to celebrate Wingo’s return from the US. Unfortunatly Wingo didn’t arrive until today.

Project Olivine
Started writing on my Project Olivine document for what GNOME 3 should be about. The general ideas are not written down, but unless the document is to be just another opinion piece on a already widely debated subject I need to make it much more detailed and implementation roadmap styled. Not being a hacker there is of course some limitations to my level of technical details, so at some point I guess I need to find some hackers to co-conspire with :)

Electrical screwdrivers
For some tasks an electrical screwdriver is close to essential, it is not being lazy. Ceiling tropical fans are one such area.