People coming and going

Been a busy time lately with Ralph Giles, Conrad Parker and Michael Smith visiting us here in Barcelona. Conrad’s stay got prolonged quite a bit by managing to loose Wim’s apartment keys on the beach while skinny dipping (I am not an actual witness to this event). Luckily Wim have been away on vacation so it didn’t impact him directly, and after a lot of back and forth it seems we managed to find Wim landlord to get another set of keys. So when Wim is back on Sunday he can get back into his appartment and Conrad can travel onwards tommorow.

So Conrad is now leaving and Michael will probably be traveling for a while around Spain before returning to Barcelona for a few more days.

So two people leaving and Wim and Edward coming back from vacation.


Happy to see the weekend now as this week have been rather intence, tons of stuff happening businesswise so tons of decisions to be made, offers to be written, mails and calls to do. Combine that with having visitors here and the timetable have been filled to the brim. I am not the only one of have been feeling the pressure, Thomas have been a bit stressed out over the last few days too it seems.

Anyway need to work on my tan this weekend so I look dashing for LUGRadio live. On the other hand considering how much those guys talk about manlove I should probably keep a low profile :)