Flash aka swf

Noticed tnt blogging about open source flash, due to a Slashdot story about gplflash. I hope as many people as possible look into swfdec instead, as its LGPL licensed (as opposed to the GPL of gplflash, and David have been working almost fulltime on it for some time now to make it really good. Also due to the optional GStreamer relationship we should be able to offer good mp3 and flash video support down the road too, in a way shipable for distributions.

On the topic of Flash, Daniel Fisher is currently working on getting Flash video streaming going with Flumotion so people can use Flumotion to stream to flash clients.

World Of Warcraft

As mentioned earlier I quit my WoW playing due to it consuming all my time. This little video
shows the issues with WoW very well.


Seems Jeff is intent on showing that Ubuntu does not have a dark backside.