Home directory as desktop

I have for a while now been using my home directory as my desktop directory. It mostly works out fine, but there is one irritating issue. If I go into a terminal to delete stuff then Nautilus doesn’t pick up on it. The file is still there on my desktop until I log out/log in again.

Pain is the Word

There are some words I don’t want to hear again anytime soon, at least not in conjuction with eachother, and those are the words transcoding and variable framerate video.

New hire

We have hired our second aussie, Michael Smith, who is well known for his work on the icecast streaming server. He is fleeing Melbourne to come to cultured Barcelona. Big Barcelona welcome to Michael.

And with Jan’s work permit finally in order it means that starting next month we will have two people from Australia working for Fluendo with us here in the office.