GStreamer 0.9.x

We took a pretty big decision at our weekly office meeting yesterday, we would switch our focus over to GStreamer 0.9/0.10 fro m GStreamer 0.8. This means we will begin porting Flumotion and Pitivi over, do all our commerical plugin development towards 0.9/0.10 and also make sure Totem runs with 0.9/0.10. With this move I am sure we will have GStreamer 0.10 ready much quicker and we are pretty excited about it.

GNOME being PhD material

Evangelia sent out a mail to GNOME Foundation list about her phd work which she needs as many contributors as possible to respond too. I hope that everyone who gets a mail from her will take the time to respond. Be a good community member and respond.

Software patents

The good thing about software patents debate in Europe is that it have enabled open source proponents to start organising into political organisations and lobby organisations. Even if we should end up losing the first round on software patents in Europe I hope the new organisations and structures that have been set up will be able to continue the fight and maybe kill the software patents through interpretation. I mean it wouldn’t be the first time where a european directive got interpreted to death by tthe member states. I also hope that with a little more time we can also do a better job of reaching the European right. There is no reason for a liberal right wing politician to ideologically tied to software patents, rather the opposite is true.