International Whaling Commission

Norwegian papers have been commenting on the latest meeting of the International Whaling comission. The sad truth the organisation is a joke, and it is probably ready for being disbanded. When you do an international organisation for something and you stop basing your decision on science and become a tool for blatant populism you quickly loose credibility. This is what have happened to the IWC. They stopped listening to the advice of their own scientific commitee and instead let populist calls for a full baning of whaling rule their decisions. So the result is that Norway and Japan who are the only two really active whaling nations either just ignore IWC (Norway) or brand all their hunting as research (Japan). The Norwegian government couldn’t care less what the IWC thinks at this point. I mean an organisation who base their decision on the opinion of people who probably doesn’t even know that there are multiple species of whale. Branding all whale hunting as causing extinction is about as meaningful as claiming that culling of homeless cats in New York is the reason lions and tigers risk extinction. Sadly enough I think many more international organisations are starting to suffer from the same illness as the IWC have suffered from for many years. rampant and shortsighted populism.