XUL based GStreamer playback

Aladdin on IRC just pointed out
XUL Music
to me. It is a XUL based music player using GStreamer for playback. Next step is beat the Firefox download statistics :)

Eugenia resigned

Also saw in Eugenia’s blog that she have resigned as editor from osnews.com. Not everyone in the GNOME community are exactly overcome with love for Eugenia, but personally I had
a good relationship with her. Thanks for the effort so far Eugenia, and I hope you at least get enough energy back to
keep maintaining gnomefiles.

Pushing SVG

I have been very bad at keeping up my pushing of SVG lately.
Both getting a new release of gnome-themes-extras and making sure the flag collection on openclipart.org gets fixed have been on my agenda for quite some time. The openlclipart guys are working on fixing their DMS system currently so hopefully that will make it easy enough for me to fix to give me the needed energy to do it.

The exiles return

In not to distant history many people where driven out of Europe and sent to places such as Australia, New Zealand and the America’s. At Fluendo we have been trying to resolve this old tragedy by allowing some of the exiles to return to civilisation. Our work is now in its final stages and Jan and Jaime will be arriving in Barcelona soon from Australia. Jaime will probably be arriving already at the end of this month, while Jan a couple of weeks later.

It was hard work, but we managed to convince the Spanish authorities that the exile had reformed them into proper human beings which had a place in European society. Its feels great doing such acts of pure goodness, its kinda like being a roman emperor giving a thumbs up at the Coloseum.