Totem for GStreamer 0.9

Checked out the GST_09 branch of Totem today and it worked nicely to let me play my Ogg files, with the ‘video scrubbing’ style seeking Wim demoed for people at GUADEC. Very cool, hope to be able to demo it at LugRadio live on Saturday. Very cool stuff.

Also hope to be able to demo Pitivi a bit, but it depends on some work Edward is planing for tommorow and what kind of internet access I manage to set up in Wolverhampton.

Off to England

So I am now off for a week in the land of eternal rain and fog. Starting of with the Lugradio live in Wolverhampton, then onwards to London to first stay a few days with Bastien before going to stay with Julia, and then in the end going to stay with Zaheer for a day. Looking forward to the whole week, but of course some parts do have bigger long term potential than others :)