Spanish lessons

So I am back to taking spanish lessons again. Had my first lesson yesterday and I have to say I feel much more likely to actually get somewhere this time. I have enough of a spanish vocabulary now to at least make a guess about words or put together a simple sentence. We are only 2 people doing this class which feels a bit weird, but I guess it will also mean I have to push myself harder as there is no crowd to get lost in, which is good. Its a two week introduction course which is meant to be followed by a beginners course afterwards.

Distro wars

We are currently two people in the office running Fedora, three people running Ubuntu, one person running plain Debian and one person running Gentoo. Not sure why I am mentioning it, maybe I wonder if we are representative of the spread of world linux developers.

Moving out and moving in

Michael got himself an appartment today, or rather he got one which will become available the first. Good thing as Bastien confirmed his visit at the end of August today, so I now know for sure that the guestroom is available :)