SVG in the news

A nice story today on Slashdot focusing on the new Inkscape release. I am really happy about how Inkscape is progressing, both due to how it helps promote the wider usage of vector graphics on the desktop, but also since it is now using gtkmm its a very good proof that C++ development under GNOME is a viable option using our C++ bindings.

Inkscape also provides the librsvg team with much needed motivation to increase the functionlity of librsvg. Current cvs of librsvg seems to cover everything possible to export as SVG from Illustrator, so its good to have a free software application like Inkscape being there to really take advantage of possibilities in the SVG format. Hopefully
Inkscape will get support for filters soon so that the filter code that Caleb wrote for librsvg can be put to good use and get some stress testing.

Another Fluendo team member

With Ronald going of to Cornell this fall to get his Biochemistry Phd we needed someone to take over his job.
Today we are happy to announce that we reached an agreement with Tim-Philipp Müller who will be joining us in August. Tim-Philipp have been very active for the last year fixing bugs and helping out keep GStreamer bugzilla in check so
we feel very confident he will be able to hold the fort.

Great to have you onboard Tim-Philipp!

I am also pretty confident that Ronald will not disappear completely from the GStreamer and GNOME development scene, even if he at least for a while will be hidden in the fog of
academia. Maybe he will make sure GStreamer supports some medical image formats for instance :) Ronald have done a tremendous job both as a community member of both the GStreamer and GNOME communities and as an employee of Fluendo, making applications such as
Cupid, the video recorder and fixing up issues making Totem and GStreamer play much better together. And and on top of all that maintaining the gnome-media package. The amount of effort he has put into fixing bugs in GStreamer and to support more formats and datatypes is simply astounding. I also think that anyone who have ever come to the gstreamer IRC channel would agree that he is among the people there most willing to help and give advice. A big thanks to Ronald for his effort so far.

Going out

Been keeping pretty busy recently. Went to a Joss Stone concert with the rest of the crew on Monday for instance. Pretty nice concert hosted in Pueblo Espanya. Joss was pretty as can be too, although someone should have told her that even when you are drop dead gorgeous you shouldn’t have your mothers kitchen curtains retailored into a top.

Yesterday evening we celebrated a combination of Michael finding an appartment and Edward signing a contract to stay on at Fluendo after his internship ends. We went to a place called Belchica which serves belgian beers of the high alcohol level type. Woke up this morning with a bad headache which managed to be combined with a painful cramp in my left leg. But after massaging my leg for 10 minutes and sleeping for an extra hour I felt pretty fine and went for the long walk to work.