Open source browser for Maemo

Philippe De Swert just announced yesterday night that he have ported the gtk-webcore based browser from GPE to Maemo/Nokia 770. Take a look at the nice screenshot
of the little baby in action. Wonder how long before a minimo based browser pops up :)

Also there is a Nokia 770 blog for you to read.

More important court case for open source than the SCO/IBM case?

While many of us follow the SCO case through sites such as Groklaw I wonder if it should take precendence in importance to another important case underway to the free software community. By now the SCO case is shown to be so weak and unfounded that Darl probably spends his evenings praying that he will not end in purgatory for it.

Anyway I think people should instead start taking greater interest in the class action lawsuite lead by Handal & Associates against the DVD patent holders. This case claim that the DVD patent pools basically constitutes price fixing and a conspiracy to monopolize and demand that all the patents involved gets found invalid. If they succeed it will have a profound effect on free software as things like mpeg2 becomes royalty free. Secondly it will probably be the death stroke for royalty bearing patents pools, which most likely will lead to more royalty free standards.