GStreamer bits and bytes

Lots of cool stuff happening lately. On Friday Wim and Thomas managed to get RTP/RTSP going with GStreamer and managed to put our office teststream onto a cell phone, I took some earlier pictures myself of a distortet testvideo signal, decided not to put them up as the office stream image looks much better.

Jono Bacon put up a great article on Linux video handling, including a lot of talk about GStreamer and Pitivi. Make sure to read it!.

GStreamer 0.9 is progressing fast, Wingo is porting over the soundcard mixer stuff currently which is one of the last remaining pieces for being able to port ‘GNOME’ over to 0.9/0.10. Plan on putting together a list today of plugins that needs porting in the hope of getting some community action going on it.

I also went to the Barcelona FNAC store today to buy myself some comics as I figured it was the kind of easy reading that could get my going forward with my Spanish. They have a quite good selection of comics at the FNAC and I bought an Astrix album, 3 Thorgal albums and some belgian comics I hadn’t heard of before. Coming home I sat down to try to read the Astrix story first as I have it back in Norway in Norwegian. Got a bit disapointed at first that I wasn’t able to understand more of the dialogue as I felt I had started to get a semi-usable passive vocabulary from watching subtitled tv. Then after 4-5 pages I noticed the word ‘amb’ in a setence and my alarm bells started ringing. After some further investigation it turned out that album and all the albums I bought where in Catalan not in Castilliano(Spanish). Suxors. Guess I try to go trade them in on Monday again unless Wingo wants them for his Catalan learning.

Anyway I got myself a big fat English/Spanish-Spanish/English dictionary also as my little pocket dictionary has its constraints.

3 thoughts on “GStreamer bits and bytes

  1. Quick tip about catalan vs spanish: spanish doesn’t have grave-accented vowels, if you see Astèrix you can bet it’s not in spanish. The Ç is also a strong indication. Better luck on your next buy ;)

  2. Hey, well atleast you’re giving spanish a serious go now :). Jan and I bought the simpsons but we haven’t gotten far through it yet.

  3. Hey, anywhere I can find some more info on the gstreamer/python H.263 thingy?

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