So am using Epiphany currently, the GNOME intergrated browser. So I decided to try drag&dropping an image from the browser into the Gimp.
Well it works as Gimp accepts the drop, but it turns out that since the Gimp in their brilliance don’t use gnome-vfs they didn’t have anything able to retrieve the image..great… So I decided to try EOG and gThumb instead, well it turns out these use gnome-vfs, at least EOG does, but they don’t accept the drop…..AAARGH, sometimes I want to scream!


#1 Sven Neumann on 08.21.05 at 09:18

Well, in an ideal world, epiphany (or any other browser) wouldn’t pass an URL to GIMP but the image data. Why should GIMP have to download the image again? The development branch of GIMP accepts image data per DND (in all the formats that gdk-pixbuf accepts). The development branch also has a plug-in that uses gnome-vfs to download the image file. With GIMP 2.2, only http and ftp work.

#2 Reinout van Schouwen on 08.22.05 at 00:32

The problem is likely caused by Mozilla not advertising the correct image mime type when dragging&dropping. has been filed about it.

GIMP-2.3 accepts a dragged image from epiphany perfectly here, but as Sven suggests, that’s probably because of the gnome-vfs plugin.

#3 Anonymous on 08.22.05 at 01:53

>Well, in an ideal world, epiphany (or any other browser) wouldn’t pass an URL to GIMP but the image data.

yes, that would be perfect.
I’m also missing the feature to drag’n’drop an image from the browser to evolution to send the image to someone or even a option in the browser context-menu with “send image..”

#4 Chris Parker on 08.22.05 at 04:05

It works from Konqueror -> KolourPaint. I am not too sure about the other KDE apps.

#5 Sven Neumann on 08.22.05 at 19:49

GIMP 2.2 will also accept almost all dragged image URLs since usually that will be a file, http or ftp URL and these can be accessed using the url plug-in (which in turn calls wget). So perhaps all that Christian needs to do is to install wget.

But still it doesn’t make much sense to download the already downloaded image again. So I really hope that they can get that Mozilla bug fixed.