Testing SVG renderes

After SVG Open got a lot of attention I got motivated to do something with SVG this weekend. So I created a bunch of scripts to generate png files from various svg rendering systems and a webpage displaying these png files side by side.

The results can be seen here on my SVG test page. As you can see librsvg is compares pretty well to the competition, although it seems our recent changes to add Cairo support have lead to quite a few regressions as librsvg was almost perfect earler for the non-text tests on that page.

6 thoughts on “Testing SVG renderes

  1. From my experience ksvgtopng doesn’t work very well. Viewing the same svg files in konqueror using ksvg does a much better job and is comparable to many of the other renderers. Here’s a screenshot to demonstrate: ~jhoreysvg-test.png>

  2. You should not compare ksvg (two years old) with the CVS version of your librsvg.

    The ksvg developement has been stopped for more than one year (almost two). All new developemnent is done in the ksvg2 module, together with kdom and khtml2.

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