GNOME 2.12 logo contest winner

This logo made by me could have won the GNOME 2.12 splash screen contest, at least it got the full endorsement of Luis. Unfortunatly due to a technical glitch another image will end up in the actual release, due to some silly rule about actually winning the contest.

GNOME 2.12

7 thoughts on “GNOME 2.12 logo contest winner

  1. COME- ON!
    The reduced image size is just to tease us??
    Post the full size splash screen for $DEITY sake!
    This splash pwns their … you got the point.

  2. Well, lately I read that MTV and Viva will stop broadcasting these “ring tone psycho terror spots” and then …. Well, luckily it is not the Gnome Splash screen… Moving to KDE would have been a hard job at the moment. :)

  3. The kind of splashscreen that would send new GNOME users screaming back to Windows.

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