An example for GNOME theming?

Seems Citro├źn agrees with me that Giger style theming is a necesity.

Giger Citroen

Crazy frog downloads.

I put up two versions of the crazy frog image for download here one 1280×1024 for desktop background use. And a bigger 640×480 version of the one I posted in my previous blog.

4 thoughts on “An example for GNOME theming?

  1. Die :-(

    Stupid frog.

    Also, the Wikipedia page is in fact Crazy Frog (but noting that The Annoying Thing is indeed its original name).

  2. Evolution dr0.16 had a Giger theme from like waaay back. From before I was using it which goes back to 2002. Actually, the old enlightenment themeing engine was fantastic. Not only could you have fully shapped title bars and window borders, you could script functionality into new buttons. One title bar had a button that when pressed, part of the bar slide aside to reveal a small control panel for xmms, which worked. Available in each apps’s title bar. I was on a hugh E kick for years. I have a bunch of screenshot examples. Lots are similar but there are some gems in there:
    Also, Gnome doesn’t really have any good wuality dark themes. It barely has any poor quality ones either :P Most of the themes are all very similar, just slight tweeks of each other. Very generic, and boring.
    Still, the amazing usability won me out. Things like hte coming avahi integration (the avahi applet looks killer) and nautilus working with samba (and one day properly with sftp) are damn handy. etc

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