So being sick at the end of last week and not fully recovered during the weekend I used the opportunity to watch most of the movies in Jan’s DVD collection which I hadn’t seen before. And for the most part I realized there was a good reason for me not having seen them before.

The best of the pack was probably Legally blonde. While being based on rather well used elements at least it contained a shred of a message and the main character did actually have some development through the movie. And some of the gags where not so overdone they stopped being funny.

On the other hand the sequal was just pure crap. Like it was cute and funny when she had an iBook in the first movie where the rest of the class was using uniform looking black laptops, but the pink colored beast in the followup just went overboard and became stupid instead of silly. And every ‘joke’ in the movie was like that, they took something from the first movie and made it even more of a extreme.

Another movie I had the ‘pleasure’ of seeing was
Two weeks notice with Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock. A typical weakly scripted romantical comedy, but the main problem here is that it felt like both Hugh and Sandra where both getting rather tired of staring in these kind of movies so both of them where radiating a heavy dose of ‘lack of energy’ and ‘are we done we this scene yet’.

Also got to see 13 Going on 30 starring Jennifer Garner. Seemed to want to be the girlie version of Big, but no matter what angle you play it the movie stunk. The main character was very unconvincing, depicting a level of innocense in relation to sex for instance that only a 13 year old living in an amish boot camp can be believed to possess. Her reactions and those of her surroundings felt so fake that it came across quite clear that they had a plot, but forgot to write a real script to implement it.

Also had a dose of Kevin Smith movies. Saw both Clerks and Mallrats in addition to having seen Chasing Amy earlier in the week with the rest of the guys. Where not to impressed by either Clerks or Mallrats. Both being very similar, with two very unlikeable main characters and frequent appearances by Jay and Silent Bob. At the end of Mallrats I was actually hoping that the father would manage to send his daughter of with someone else and that the second guy would lose his girlfriend to Ben Afflecks character, so worthless was the main characters. I still think that Chasing Amy is a really great movie, but neither Clerks or Mallrats are even in the same ballpark.

Also saw Stepford wives. Not all bad I guess, but the whole storyline felt like it came out 30 years to late.

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  1. Clerks was awesome when it came out because it was done on absolutely no budget by a couple of nobodies and was like nothing from any contemporary studio. The delivery was wooden, but the dialog was unlike anything else. The scene about the contractors on the Death Star, the running gags, the unexplained things…

    Stepford wives *did* come out about 30 years ago. The remake’s costumes seem like more of an homage to the original than anything sensible. The basic sci-fi premise of the story is somewhat timeless, though. (Or could be made so.)

    I saw Full Metal Jacket for the first time a few days ago. Suddenly a lot of episodes of The Simpsons make more sense, but i may never be the same.

    Some movies i can’t recommend strongly enough: Young Frankenstein (Mel Brooks) and Doctor Strangelove (Stanley Kubrick). My wife has been digging up Buster Keaton shorts from lately — those are pretty awesome, too.

  2. I *love* the Kevin Smith films….Clerks in particular, having worked in a shop the thought of such insobordination as displayed by Dante and Randall and the thoughts of their characters were some which had ran through my head (dialogue about kryptonite condoms and salsa sharks excepted ;))

    They’re very funny light relief…Chasing Amy is a bit heavier, but more of a “proper” film.

    You’re probably better off avoiding Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back too…..It’s again similar to clerks and mallrats. Perhaps that says something about Smiths originality.

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