Back from Vacation

So I just came back from a long weeks vacation in Norway. Had a great time overall. First weekend was spent celebrating my oldest sisters 30th birthday. Was kinda fun and yet scary to see how some of her girlfriends had evolved. Had a couple of ‘yikes, good thing that never worked out moments’.

Hang out with my friends Tron, Christian and Thomas on Monday watching a movie, started watching the Star Wars Holiday Special also, but it was so horrible we stopped halfway inn. Kinda understand why George Lucas want it dead and burried.

Took it easy on Thuesday apart from a trip to the doctors to have a bit of microsurgery done. Vanity might not be a good thing, but I don’t really care :)

Went out for a few beers with Owen Frasier-Green on Wednesday. Got reminded of the prices in Norway when 14 beers and 2 burgers ended up costing 120 €. Still we had a good time, and it was quite nice to be able to stay at a bar and not be bothered by cigarette smoke.

Went to a business meeting which Owen had set up for me during the day. In the evening I spent some time with the familty on Thursday just eating good food, talking and watching some telly.

Went to a release party for the new Depeche Mode album on Friday. Got lucky and won both LP’s and CD’s with various remixes of their latest single and also the collection CD with all their major singles up to 96. Since we where there for my friend Christian’s birthday and he is the big Depeche Mode fan among us I gave everything apart from the singles collection cd to him (he already had that).

Spent Saturday morning digging out stuff from the storage room which I was planning on bringing back to Barcelona. Chilled in the evening.
On Sunday I tried help my friend Thomas get his tv-capture card going, but there probably was some driver issues under Linux yet.