Big steps forward for librsvg

As pointed out in Dom’s blog things are moving fast forward with librsvg these days, mostly thanks to Caleb. But both Dom and Carl Worth have been helping out as well. I have been updating the test tables almost daily recently as testcases have been fixed or improved. A recet fix by Caleb which I love is improved handling of percentage sized images, you can easily identify them in the table as both Batik and Inkscape tend to render them at the wrong size.

Tried taking a image comparison script by Bryce based on the Motiontrack package and use it to create additional stats for the SVG comparison chart, but I gave up after I couldn’t get it to give me a result I felt actually was informative. Font differences between the w3c reference images and my linux system didn’t make the commparison more trustworthy either.

Caleb is planing on working on some of the structural stuff needed for ICC support so that we can get that going next with Ross’s help.

2 thoughts on “Big steps forward for librsvg

  1. What is that you wanted to do using motiontrack and could you use an additional pair of hands there?

  2. The test table page says it hasn’t been updated since “2005-10-05-15.47”. Update your timestamps, dude!

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