GStreamer API freeze

So with the new release today GStreamer 0.9 is in a temporary API freeze. It will last for a full month before there is short thaw before the hard freeze before 0.10. So if you want to start porting to 0.10 this is a good time to do it as the API will not change under you for the next month and the changes occuring during the thaw will probably be mild (beautiful play on words there).

The new baseclass setup in 0.9 is very nice, in 0.8 it was a constant problem that people fixed something in for instance alsasink, but they didn’t bother fixing it for osssink, sunaudiosink or esdsink for example. Which meant that you got different milage with different plugins for different tasks. This can of course still happen, but with the new baseclasses the chance is much smaller and whenever new functionality is added to the baseclass all the plugins built on top of it have it too.

Thomas caused quite a stir with his venting on NetworkManager (which I am using btw), my biggest irritation currently is that the gaim tab keeps on blinking on the panel even when I have maxized the chat window and seen the message, only way to get it to stop blinking is either reply, switch message or close the window. If they could make it stop blinking after receiving messages I would be very greatful.

Caleb did some major librsvg hacking this weekend. With his latest commit the infrastructure in in place in librsvg for full animation and DOM1 support. Your kicking ass Caleb!

3 thoughts on “GStreamer API freeze

  1. Hi,
    I think I know the solution for your problem with gaim. You have to go in the settings and than to the plugins. There should be one which should be called “notification”? I don’t know the exact name because I have the german version. But nether the less if you you look at the settings of that plugins there should be an area where you can say when it should stop blinking. I just activated everything there and don’t have that problem anymore.


  2. I’m experiencing the same thing with Gaim, and I consider it really annoying, _and_ a bug. I disabled it in the way Moritz said, but it should be off on default nevertheless.

  3. The gaim blinking sounds like a libwnck bug, in particular. Try switching workspaces and switching back.

    Also, I can’t tell from your post whether it was just the case that you didn’t want it to blink at all (i.e. because the window was already on top or something) or whether you were just annoyed that it didn’t shut itself off when you activated the task.

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