GStreamer 0.9 on the Nokia 770

Starting learning to use Scratchbox yesterday and I have to say its pretty nice. Developing for the Nokia 770/Maemo using it was easy to get going. Today already I was able to have GStreamer 0.9 installed and was playing a Real media file streamed over http from my own laptop and played back using GStreamer and Fluendo’s soon to be released Real Media plugin for GStreamer. Cool stuff. Pipeline used was this one:

gst-launch-0.9 gnomevfssrc location= ! rmdemux ! realaudiodec ! esdsink

Tried to get video output working also, the closest I got was trying to play a .fli file with Zeenix’s fli decoder and sdlvideosink. Got a black SDL box onto the 770 screen,but no actual moving image.

As part of trying to fix the issue of getting SDL output working I tried updating the device to latest development snapshot. But that seems to work very badly for me, seems the interface is extremely slow or unresponsive so that I can’t input anything with the stylus. Probably caused by me having an early prototype of the device, but still a bit frustrating.