More 770 hax0ring

After getting hold of a image suited to my old 770 model I was able to flash the system and continue experiementing with GStreamer 0.9 and the 770/Maemo. GStreamer 0.9 is doing well compared to 0.8. By running this simple pipeline ‘gst-launch-0.9 fakesrc silent=1 num_buffers=10000 ! fakesink silent=1’ I was able to have it complete between 20% to 50% faster than the same pipeline do using GStreamer 0.8 on the device, depending on how big I set the num_buffer value.

Edgard, Wim and Tim did some good hacking on the sdlvideosink fixing some issues with it, but I am still not able to get it to display video on the device. I think the CPU overhead is way to high. Also tried playing a vorbis file, which didn’t work, but I will try again when we get the ivorbis plugin ported to GStreamer 0.9.

Next step is trying to get Windows Media Audio playing on the device.