Visitations and declarations

Finished reading Knife of Dreams by Robert Jordan yesterday. It is the latest book in the Wheel of Time series and supposed to be the second last one before the series concludes. Robert Jordan have gotten a lot of criticism from his fans that the last few books felt like they where standing still in terms of progression. And I have to say I am somewhat agreeing to that. That said, Jordan has said he in afterthough agrees that the layout of Crossroads of Twillight was wrong in retrospect and that he should have made the book sequential instead of having all the substories starting at the same point in time. Anyway, this last book picks up speed again IMHO and is quite nice. Maybe the book do suffer a little from the problem of to many paralell stories in the earlier books, which means that even if a lot of stuff gets wrapped up its still maybe a little to much stuff happening. Anyway I liked this book, and I even discovered that Robert Jordan have a blog these days.


So I learned that my uncle and aunt is coming down to Barcelona. My Uncle is a well known authority on poultry in the Norwegian vetrinarian community and he is coming to town to attend a meeting of the The Poultry Veterinary Study Group of the EU. Will be nice seeing them again. For those interested in poultry I suggest

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  1. I’d agree with the comments on Knife of Dreams – it still starts out slowly, but it’s well enough written that that doesn’t matter too much. And it definitely picks up pace near the end, closing a number of plot threads that were well overdue for it.

    That said, I can’t see how Jordan intends to finish things up with the next book, as he’s stated. Even leaving some things open, there seems to me to be too much remaining for him to do that.

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