Ogg on the 770

So Edgard Lima have done an initial port of the Tremor/iVorbis plugin to GStreamer 0.9. Today I tested it on the Nokia 770. It played my testfile back with a CPU usage between 30% and 40% percent.

Still quite a few bugs though, like support for playing a streamed file, and also being able to use the lowmem Tremor version which should reduce resource usage.

Also borks out at playing for a while. Not sure why yet, could be related to the power saving stuff.

Pipeline used for testing is : gst-launch-0.9 gnomevfssrc location=”” ! tremor ! audioconvert ! esdsink

One thought on “Ogg on the 770

  1. Just a suggestion – it’s always worth remembering to test high-bitrate files as well as average ones, i.e. test q8-10 as well as q3-5. Quite often things advertise SomeCodec support then turn out only to have tested at low bitrates…

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