Hacking on Flumotion and Totem

We have Tim Müller staying and working with us here in Barcelona since yesterday. We have been doing some focused hacking and testing with the result that we have Flumotion working with GStreamer 0.9 now and a new release is imminent. Currently we are doing a Totem hacking and testing session. With latest CVS most of the files in our testsuite plays with Totem. Some stuff remains though, mostly adding seeking support to the demuxers and porting a couple of more plugins to fill out the format support. Hopefully we can within a couple of weeks start asking the wider community to start hammer the media playback in Totem.

Only area which is mostly unported yet is DVD support and I think we might end up with GStreamer/Totem not supporting DVD’s in the next GNOME release. Of course it being Free Software we never know what will happen, maybe someone will appear and start porting over the DVD plugins.

Brian Cameron is already working on porting the SunAudio plugin so hopefully GStreamer 0.10 will be a good story also for OpenSolaris users.

Also got a nice reply today to a mail I had sent Michael Roitzsch of Xine fame. Hopefully we can find ways to work togheter to the benefit of the members of both projects.

My plan is to spend a lot of time next week making some really nice brochures and information pdf files for customers intersted in either Flumotion or the Flumotion Streaming Platform. Hopefully we can also move a bit forward on our beta program so we can start having people test our GStreamer plugins.

4 thoughts on “Hacking on Flumotion and Totem

  1. Out of curiosity, will there be a recommended alternative DVD player included? I currently use VLC or GXine for DVD playback on GNOME because of some apparently well-known funkiness in Totem with DVD’s on Ubuntu (stuttering playback), however, neither of these feature the lovely GNOME goodness of Totem. It would probably be less than desireable to ship GNOME 2.14 without basic DVD support, even if commercial DVD support is legally unfeasible as it has always been.

    Anyway, just curious if I missed a recommendation somewhere.

  2. seriously, support dvd in gstreamer, the playback is already lame as it is. it would be cool if you guys could get it working well for 0.1.0 but if it dont pay the bills….

  3. LOSING DVD support in Totem would be devistating to Gnome. People don’t expect to LOSE functionality for no reason. I think if GStreamer isn’t going to be ready, supporting everything that 0.8 does, we should stick with the old version of GStreamer until it can. If that means sticking with the old version of Totem as well, fine. Its better then having Gnome lose such a vital feature. When DVD support became fully functional in Totem with DVD menus and all, I was actually able to get more people to use Linux who would constantly complain about the lack of decent DVD support. If DVD support is dropped in the next release, I’m sure tons of people will simpily not upgrade for this release in the cycle.

  4. Just out of curiousity, can you provide info, what should be done to port those dvd plugins to gst 0.10? Maybe someone would like to pick the bones and start hacking.

    It would be really sad to loose some functionality from gst just for sake that no one is here to do it. Maybe we can help.

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