DVD, Totem and GStreamer 0.10

Ok, my last mention that there probably wouldn’t be DVD support in the next version of GStreamer/Totem/GNOME seems to have made quite a few people worried. Got comments about it to my previous blog and also comments about it on IRC.

Anyway, what is needed for DVD support with GStreamer 0.10 is simply some people coming into on irc.freenode.net or contacting the mailing list saying that want to work on this and asking what plugins needs porting. Currently dvdread, libcss, dvdnav and dvdsubdec are the plugins I know about. Updating these plugins from the GStreamer 0.8 API’s to the GStreamer 0.9 API’s. The GStreamer team have been working a lot on improving the API and development documentation for this release and there are even porting help in the plugins writers guide.

That said both Martin Soto and Tim Muller stated that they are planning and working on it and try to have it ready for GNOME 2.14. Martin is already working on getting the mpeg/dvd demuxer ported and fixed which is an important first step. So with these two and hopefully more joining in, we will not only have DVD support in 2.14 it will work even better than in 2.12.

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  1. Any news about switching gnome completely to gstreamer 0.9/0.10 and finally be able to ditch esound?

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