GUADEC sightseeing

Wingo and I took the train to Villanova yesterday to check out the town that will be the scene of next years GUADEC. We ate lunch there and strolled around the city and the beach for a few hours. The town seems pleasant and the connections are excellent. Even if people arrive at the main Barcelona airport it is very easy to get there with a short train ride from the Airport to Barcelona Sans and then another short train ride out to Villanova. Villanova is a bit comparable to Kristiansand in terms of size it seems, but maybe a bit more compact than Kristiansand was. And much cheaper :). The resturant we went to had very good food, Wingo claimed they had the best fish he tasted for far in Spain an I got a really nice desert, blackberry youghurt ice with fresh strawberries.

Software updates

Tried updating my system this weekend in the hope that a newer version of Evolution would fix a crasher bug I had. Ended up upgrading a lot of stuff, including Firefox. Firefox 1.5 seems nice, and it was good to check my svg comparison test to see how it fares against the Inkscape and librsvg. One strange thing though is that it seems to default to quite large font sizes in its GUI for some reason, and I was not able to re-adjust it. Evolution still crashed though so I ended up filing a bug on it.

1 thought on “GUADEC sightseeing

  1. yeah, I noticed some change in font size as well, both in the web contents and in the user interface

    you can manually adjust the interface fonts by editing ${YOUR_PROFILE_DIR}/chrome/userChrome.css, there is an example file named userChrome-example.css

    for example, I added:

    * {
    font-size: 11pt !important

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